About Us

The founder of C&C Panasia Inc. has been deeply involved in reduction of NOx emissions from stationary sources especially in California. In view of recent Rules and Regulations promulgated in California and elsewhere to reduce NOx emissions from boilers and engines, the founder recognized a great deal of good work need to be done. Subsequently the founder formed C&C Panasia Inc. to provide, in close alliance with other industry leading companies, PaNOx™ De-NOx SCR systems for new or existing boilers, steam generators, engines, fired heaters or other HC fuel consuming apparatus. Considering the required NOx levels, power consumption and ease of operation & maintenance, the founder sees that a cost-effective and highly standardized De-NOx SCR system is the most desirable way to go to comply with these stringent Rules and Regulations.


We at C&C Panasia Inc. take the system responsibility for each project including Application Engineering, Project Management, Installation Supervision, Commissioning Service, Customer Service, Stocking of Catalysts Modules, etc.


Under normal circumstances, our partner, Panasia Co., Ltd (www.worldpanasia.com) will assist us in manufacture and fabrication of reactor chambers, AIG and providing CFD modeling. Panasia Co., Ltd has broad experience in engineering intensive pollution control systems including supply of several operating De-NOx SCR systems in U.S.